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Errecom POE Oil

Errecom POE Oil

Gram Trading is the representative of Errecom Italy

Errecom POE Oil – POE air conditioning and refrigeration lubricants are synthetic lubricants with high chemical and thermal stability.

Due to good mixing with refrigerants, they are the best choice for applications with HFC/FC such as R134a, R404A, R407C.

Errecom POE Oil

POE oils are also compatible with hydrocarbons such as propane R290 and propylene R1270. In addition, our add-on offerings are always evolving: POE Errecom is also the best solution for applications with new generation HFO (hydrogenation of fluorinated olefins) such as R1234yf and R1234ze, both of which are the latest low GWP formulation gases.

The high viscosity index ensures excellent flowability at low temperatures and a stable film at high temperatures, thus confirming maximum performance in all operating conditions.

Errecom POE synthetic lubricants, in all their viscosity indices, consist of a mixture of polyethylene esters and additives specifically for better lubrication, chemical and thermal stability and excellent anti-wear protection of AC / R system components.


Errecom Poe Oil
Gram trading is the representative of ERRECOM company


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