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Freon Evaporator

Freon Evaporator

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Freon Evaporator : Evaporator is a refrigerant vaporizer, where the liquid turns into vapor. One of the main equipments is the refrigeration system, which is made of fan type in 1 row to 4 units in the capacity of 1.7 to 77 kW.

Evaporator fans are single-phase or three-phase axial type

Fans must perform maximum air displacement.

Usually their diameter is 35-40-45-50-63 cm.


Freon Evaporator

In a single-phase operator’s fan, they start with a 3 to 10 microfiber capacitor, resulting in 3 wires c, s, r and have a speed of 1360.

Freon Evaporator
Freon Evaporator


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