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Shiraz Industrial Town Office :
past the first square, before services company, Industrial Town, Shiraz

Main office :
No. 1, 11 Mirzaye Shirazi St., Shiraz

Tehran Office:
ste. 34, third floor, Caspian Building, Baradaran Gha’edi st., north Sa’adi st., Tehran

Product: Air condenser

Gram Trading is active in the field of cold storage, cold storage compressor, cold storage gas, cold storage oil, etc.

Air condenser

Air condenser

Gram production and trading group:

In systems with heat transfer, a condenser is a device or unit used to cool a material from gas to liquid state, by cooling it. By doing so, the latent heat is destroyed by the material and transferred to the surrounding environment. Condensers are made to many designs, and come in a variety of sizes from small to very large. For example, refrigerators and freezers use condensers to remove heat from the interior of the unit to the outside air. Condensers are used in air conditioning, industrial chemical processes such as distillation, steam power plants and other heat exchange systems. The use of cooling water or surrounding air as cooling is common in many condensers.

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Air condenser


Air Condenser
Air condenser


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