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Gram Trading Company

The production-trading group of Gram has started its activities in three areas of production, commerce, and services in the field of providing refrigerating products and equipment in the south of the country since 1999. This group, with more than two decades of activity in the production of refrigeration systems, manufactures and manufactures: All kinds of fixed and mobile cold storages, ice machines, ice banks, freezing tunnels, vacuum coolers, Conex, refrigerated rooms, plate and foot units, and electrical panels. In the field of commerce, imports a variety of refrigerant gases, compressors, and refrigeration equipment, and also in the field of services, provides installation and maintenance services for a variety of refrigeration products.


Our mission in Gram production and trading group is relying on creativity, innovation and development of human values and maintaining the confidence of all interested parties in the social, environmental and economic cycle. Winning the following honors shows our success in this field and this opens the way for us to design, produce and import products that are different from others in order to achieve the goals and missions of our organization. Obtaining the Fars province consumer rights compliance certificate in 2017 The golden statue of consumer rights compliance of Fars province in 2018 during two consecutive periods Obtaining the quality management system certificate (ISO 9001:2015) Environmental Management System (ISO 14001:2015) Occupational health and safety management system (ISO 45001:2018) Quality management – dealing with customer complaints in the organization (ISO 10002:2018) Quality management, customer satisfaction monitoring (ISO 10004:2018)


Obtaining the exclusive representation of the highest quality gas from Stargate China with the COOLIB brand and Italy’s DORIN compressors in Iran led to the expansion of Gram’s production and trading activities in the country. Cooperation with Bitzer Germany, Cooltech Finland, Danfoss Denmark, Castell, Alco, Nik, Subcool, Arshe Kar, Tabadol Kar, Arsam Pishro, Top Kar, Subdor, Evans, Tisa Sanat, Mehransard, Fom Tehran, Aren Tahvieh, Novin, Pooyesh Tahvieh, etc. are among the other measures taken by this group to achieve its mission.


Our competitive edge is a combination of unique products, prominent position and interaction with customers, which, with confidence in our expertise and abilities to respond to the needs and demands of customers, provides a platform to provide the widest range of services with the highest quality and Let’s turn the slogan of customer orientation into a reality by implementing global standards inside the country.

Some services of Gram Trading Company:

  • Construction and production of all kinds of fixed and mobile cold stores and freezing tunnels
  • Construction and production of sub-zero and above-zero fruit and protein cold storage
  • Making all kinds of chillers and air conditioning systems
  • Importing and representing all types of refrigerant gases, compressors and refrigeration equipment

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