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solenoid spool valve

solenoid spool valve

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A coil or tube screw is a part of an electric circuit that contains a lot of self-inductance. Conductive devices (such as electrical wires) also have self-induction capability and at high frequencies it is possible to act in a special way as a coil or solenoid.

A solenoid is an electrical device consisting of two connection ends (such as a resistor and a capacitor) and is used as the main and important member in most AC circuits.
. A simple solenoid is made of a coil of wire. So, a long wire that is regularly wrapped in a spiral is called a solenoid .

The voltage at the two ends of each capacitor is proportional to the electric charge, in the resistor the voltage is proportional to the current, and in the solenoid the rate of change of current is proportional to the voltage. In the formula V = -L(dI/dt) the inductance coefficient is L and the unit of this inductance coefficient is Henry


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