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hand valve

hand valve

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The reason for using a variety of valves in the pipeline flow is the possibility of controlling the flow. This control can be done in the form of completely disconnecting and connecting or limiting the fluid flow. For this purpose, different valves and different control systems can be used. Among them, different types of hand valves are the simplest devices that can be used to control fluid flow.

Hand valves have a simple structure. Usually, these valves are made of a main body and an appendage is mounted on this main body to cut and connect the flow. in such a way that it creates a gap between the place of entry and exit of fluid and blocks the path of fluid flow. This appendage can be designed in different ways; which causes the emergence of different categories of hand valves such as ball valves, butterfly valves, sliding valves, etc.

The action of cutting and connecting the flow in these valves is done by a lever and with a 90 degree movement. Of course, rotary levers are also common types of levers in hand valves.

Hand valves are often used to completely cutting and connecting the fluid flow, and these valves cannot control the intensity of the fluid flow. –


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