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junction box

junction box

Gram production and trading group:

  • Very high quality
  • Preventing the entry of dust
  • Has a variety of sizes
  • All Junction boxes have screws, washers and protective caps

junction box

electrical box (split)

As its name suggests, the Junction box is a place to create electrical branches in any electrical system. Its most common use, which is familiar to all electrical people, is in electrical installations or in simple terms in building or industrial wiring. Today, Junction box or electric box, which is also called plastic box, is produced in different types and is also used in various industries in addition to its applications in electrical installations.

The reason why it is named after the Junction box goes back to its initial use, because at first the Junction box was used in the electrical wiring of the building to hide the connections and create branching. Today, even though its usage has changed a lot, it is still known by its original name. In every electrical and industrial system, there are electrical connections between different parts. These connections may be through terminals or directly end-to-end. Various environmental conditions such as dust, high temperature and extreme humidity affect these connections. In order to increase safety and prevent a connection, these connections should be placed in a closed container. Using a Junction box is a good solution for this issue.


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