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Pipe insulation

Pipe insulation

Gram production and trading group:

Coverings made of glass wool and stone wool or elastomer for insulating and protecting the pipe against heat and cold Insulators used in piping and facilities to prevent waste of heat and cold Coverings and heat and cold insulation for water and steam, often made of elastomeric material to protect the pipe. Flexible ducts or hoses with IFD compression insulation. Insulators used in steam and hot water piping. Acoustic materials in the form of foam that absorb sound and act as sound insulation. Types of elastomeric pipe insulation for refrigeration and thermal applications.

Advantages of pipe insulation:

– Easy installation
– Free from any type of decay
– Non-perishable substance that prevents the entry of vermin
– No maintenance required
– Very economical
– Non-emission of toxic gases
– High durability
– Environmental compatibility.


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