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A pressure gauge is an industrial device for measuring the pressure in a tank, in a piping system, in a reaction medium or even in a tank buried in the ground or under the sea. These pressure gauges are like clock hands, and in fact, their hands move according to the pressure applied on them.

Suppose you have a flexible plastic pipe in your hand and by blowing into it, the plastic pipe becomes rigid and inflexible. If you reduce your blowing pressure, it will bend slightly first and eventually sleep completely.

These are the basic principles that govern the pressure gauge design, which was originally designed by someone named Burdon. A pressure gauge is a tool for measuring pressure in a system and reporting it as analog or digital data.

In these tools, a sensor part and an indicator part are used, the changes of each of them against the pressure bring us to a number that we can report as pressure changes.

The pressure difference gauge and the pressure gauge have similar functions, but the pressure difference gauge shows the difference between two points, and the pressure gauge is used to measure the pressure of a point compared to the standard and reference state. This gauge is different from the pressure difference gauge in terms of application.



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