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Filter drier

Filter drier

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In the building of compressors as well as refrigeration systems, there is a part called filter drier. This piece is usually installed vertically on the suction inlet of the compressor. Its main function is to absorb the moisture of the refrigerant before entering the compressor. The reason for this is the sensitivity of the compressor to water. Water entering the compressor can damage its dynamic parts. Also, moisture can absorb compressed oil and reduce its efficiency. Besides, moisture may react with the chemical elements of compressor oil or refrigerant and cause the production of strong and weak acids; that this acid can cause breakage in compressor parts.

Due to the harm that moisture can have on the compressor structure, the filter drier is used as a moisture absorber in the system. Moreover, in addition to removing the moisture factor in the pipeline, it can also remove sediment-causing particles from the system.


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