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Expansion orifice

Expansion orifice

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Expansion valves regulate the injection of refrigerant liquid to the evaporator, which is one of the most important equipments used in refrigeration cycles. Expansion valves manufactured by Danfoss are among the best-selling types of expansion valves, which are generally made with welded or nut connections. Thermostatic expansion valves can be used in the temperature range of -60 to +50 degrees Celsius and are divided into three general categories: replaceable needle, fixed needle and thermostatic injection valve. T2 / TE expansion valve is a type of expansion valve with replaceable needle. Danfoss needle #2 body 2 has a net weight of 0.01 kg and a total weight of 0.02 kg. This type of expansion valve is used in R23, R22/R407C, R452A, R407A, R448A, R449A, R407C, etc. refrigerants. Danfoss needle number 2 body 2 is used in liquid lines, the design of this system is SAE flare only and its orifice size is 02. Range related to Rated cap. Cond of this expansion valve is as follows:

  • tcond=380C
  • tevap=4.40C
  • tliq=370C


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