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Drier core shell

Drier core shell

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Drier core shell or drier filter is used to protect compressor parts in cooling systems and refrigeration industry. drier core is a solid central core that is used in the construction of filter drier. dryers core have different types and different absorbers are used for different tasks. This filter can clean the cooling fluid before returning to the compressor because it absorbs moisture and solid particles.

How does Drier core shell work?

A cooling system has a high amount of moisture in the process of producing cold, which must be able to remove this excess moisture from the system for it to work properly. To remove moisture and dust in the cooling fluid, a Drier core shell or Drier filter is used.

In this filter, there is a block and an inner plate, between which a large ring is installed. This ring is used to capture external solids. The way the filter works is that the cooling liquid first passes through the ring and the external materials are involved in the ring. Then this liquid also passes through the mesh nets on the block. Also, the presence of a plastic cap prevents the entry of impurities into the outlet pipe. This plastic cap is located at the filter outlet and its edge is attached to the inner plate.


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