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Solenoid valve

Solenoid valve

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Solenoid valve or electric valve is one of the types of industrial valves that are used in different industries today to manage the flow of different fluids. In the construction of solenoid valves, magnetic force is used to switch on and off the flow. Inside these valves, there is a solenoid or central core with a coil. Passing electricity through the coil creates an electromagnetic force and can control the movement of the solenoid. These parts are used in different industries today because of their high precision and remote control.

In some cooling devices, a Solenoid valve is used to open and close the path the cold liquid because it can be easily installed and controlled by a simple electric circuit. Solenoid valve consists of body parts, inlet and outlet pipes, needle valve, bobbin and armature. Solenoid valves are made with 2 types: welded and screwed. When electricity flows in the coil, it is magnetized and moves the armature upwards, that is, towards the center of the coil, and the valve connected to the armature opens. And when the power is cut, the weight of the armature close the needle valve.


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