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Product: Digital Thermostat

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Digital Thermostat

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Digital Thermostat

A digital thermostat is a device used to keep the temperature of a system within a certain range. This is done by controlling the flow of thermal energy into or out of the system.

Thermostats are used in the mechanical installation industry to control the temperature of water or air in cooling and heating systems. Radiators, boilers, fan coils, coolers, and refrigerators are the most common devices that use thermostats to control temperature. In fact, the thermostat turns off and on the electricity to keep the temperature balanced. Temperature moderation in a system has an independent definition for itself, which digital thermostat, which is of course also available in analog and mechanical models, based on that definition, performs the work of temperature moderation at the optimal level. Digital thermostats are used in different types with different capabilities in different industries. For example, a thermostat is used in refrigerators. The thermostat in the refrigerator does the work of cutting and connecting the electric current (keeping the temperature of the refrigerator balanced) to the compressor. So that when the temperature of the refrigerator rises (the inside of the refrigerator is heated), the compressor starts working when the electricity is connected and cools the inside of the refrigerator, and when the temperature drops (the inside of the refrigerator cools), it cuts off the electricity from the compressor. The thermostat is also used in freezers

The freezer works like a refrigerator, except that its thermostat is set for a lower temperature. It is also suitable to use a refrigerant gas that has a lower evaporation temperature (such as Freon 12). In high-powered freezers, a fan is used to cool the compressor and condenser.

Another application of the thermostat is in cars

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سبد خرید

متاسفانه امکان سفارش آنلاین برای محصولات امکان پذیر نمی باشد.

جهت دریافت قیمت محصولات و کسب اطلاعات و شرایط ویژه خرید با کارشناسان بازرگانی گرام در ارتباط باشید.

شماره تماس کارشناسان


The thermostat has a PTC sensor that has 1000 ohms at an ambient temperature of 25 °C. This sensor has 5620 ohms at 40 °C, 877 ohms at °C, and 740 ohms at -10 °C. that we can test the health of its sensor with an ohmmeter. The ambient temperature of the place where the thermostat is installed must be between -5 and +55 °C.


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