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Copper 90 Degree Elbow

Copper 90 Degree Elbow

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Copper pipes and fittings are among the most widely used types of pipes and fittings, which are produced and sold in different types inside and outside the country. According to their type, copper fittings are used in air conditioning, refrigeration, water and gas piping, and medical gas. Copper connections exist in all kinds of bushings, conversions and elbows and are used to connect pipes. These connections are also classified based on dimensional specifications, gas pressure and tolerable pressure value.

Among other important applications of these connections, we can mention the creation of multiple branches of pipes, the conversion of pipe sizes to other sizes using conversions, the creation of various bends with angles of 45 and 90 degrees by means of elbows.

Copper Elbows are used in the industry of chillers, air conditioners, building facilities, cooling towers, etc


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