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Shiraz Industrial Town Office :
past the first square, before services company, Industrial Town, Shiraz

Main office :
No. 1, 11 Mirzaye Shirazi St., Shiraz

Tehran Office:
ste. 34, third floor, Caspian Building, Baradaran Gha’edi st., north Sa’adi st., Tehran

Product: R404 gas

Gram Trading is active in the field of cold storage, cold storage compressor, cold storage gas, cold storage oil, etc.

R404 gas

R404 gas

Gram Manufacturing & Trading Group is the exclusive sales representative of Coolib refrigerant gas from STARGET China

Coolib R404a gas Coolib gas R404a from the category of HFCs is a combination of three gases R134a, R143A and R125 with mass percentage (R143A: 52%, R125: 44% and R134a: 4%). This freon gas is used as a substitute for some freon gases such as R502 and R22 gas (after their use was banned in 1990). 404 gas is not harmful to the ozone layer, but it has a high GWP (Global Warming Potential Index). . . . .

brand: Coolib
Refrigerant type: R404a
Classified : HFC
Color: orange
Manufacturing Country: china
Net weight of refrigerant: 10.9 kg

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Freezing point temperature 72.1 °C
Boiling point temperature -46.6 °C
Critical pressure 3688.7 kPa
Weight 10/9 kg
Liquid density 1.04 kilograms per cubic decimeter
The rate of ozone depletion 0 ODP
The greenhouse gas coefficient 3800 GWP
Latent heat of vaporization 200 kJ/kg
404 Gas
R404 Coolib gas


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