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R22 gas

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R22 gas, R22

Gram Manufacturing & Trading Group is the exclusive sales representative of Coolib refrigerant gas from STARGET China

R22 gas with the chemical formula CHCLF2 and the name IUPAC chlorodifluoromethane is one of the most well-known freon gases.

  • Completely colorless
  • non-toxic
  • Non-flammable
  • Gas weight 13.6 kg
  • The color of the cylinder is green
  • Destructive of the ozone layer

R22 gas is an odorless, non-toxic and non-flammable refrigerant that has excellent thermal and chemical stability and does not cause any corrosion in metals. The main uses of this gas in refrigeration industries are as refrigerant gas. Also, R22 is used in the production of raw materials for PTFE and the production of Halon 1211.


Molecular FormulaCHCIF2
Boiling Point40.8-
Freezing point160-
Purity of R22 Coolib Refrigerant Gas0.999
Amount of water%0.001_<
The amount of acidity%0.00001_<
Odor levelNo odor
Non-rechargeable cylinders22/7-13/6-6/8-4/3 kg
Rechargeable cylindersISOTANK, 1000, 926, 800, 400 liters
R22 Gas
R22 gas




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