Gram trading contact information

Shiraz Industrial Town Office :
past the first square, before services company, Industrial Town, Shiraz

Main office :
No. 1, 11 Mirzaye Shirazi St., Shiraz

Tehran Office:
ste. 34, third floor, Caspian Building, Baradaran Gha’edi st., north Sa’adi st., Tehran

Product: One-way cassette fan coil

Gram Trading is active in the field of cold storage, cold storage compressor, cold storage gas, cold storage oil, etc.

One-way cassette fan coil

One-way cassette fan coil

Gram production and trading group

  • Aeration capacity from 300 to 600 cubic feet per minute
  • It has a remote control with an LED display screen
  • Compact design with a thickness of 153 mm
  • It has a drain pump with 750 mm head
  • With 4-speed electromotor

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One-way cassette fan coil


One-Way Cassette Fan Coil
One-way cassette fan coil


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