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Air cooled screw chiller

Air cooled screw chiller

  • Capacity variation from 60 to 600 tons of refrigeration
  • Screw compressor with step control from 25 to 100% of capacity
  • Two (or more) separate circuits to increase efficiency and reduce system depreciation
  • Air cooled condenser with variable round axial fan (Inverter)
  • In order to optimize condenser pressure and reduce energy consumption)
  • Shell and Tube converter evaporator with low pressure drop
  • Danfoss Brand Electronic Expansion Valve
  • With precise flow controlHigh resolution, increase efficiency and reduce energy consumption
  • Equipped with unitronics brand smart PLC
  • High precision with intelligent multi-circuit system control
  • Full system monitoring and support for android, iOS and Persian language
  • Electric panel with electric parts Brand Hyundai ,Siemens , Schneider
  • Equipped with thermal switch, phase super control and amp module

Air cooled screw chiller


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