Gram trading contact information

Shiraz Industrial Town Office :
past the first square, before services company, Industrial Town, Shiraz

Main office :
No. 1, 11 Mirzaye Shirazi St., Shiraz

Tehran Office:
ste. 34, third floor, Caspian Building, Baradaran Gha’edi st., north Sa’adi st., Tehran

Product: PLC

Gram Trading is active in the field of cold storage, cold storage compressor, cold storage gas, cold storage oil, etc.



Gram production and trading group:

Energy reduction and high accuracy

Digital/analog input /Pt100

Relay/analog output

Receive and send data without location restrictions


No need for gauge and pressure switch (reducing system leakage)

Accurate control of pressure, temperature, relative humidity, etc.

Easy to use for non-experts

Shrinking the electrical panel

Save the working hours of all tools and equipment

Ability to send sms to turn off or on or send a warning

Ability to install modbus card (ability to control two circuits, display and settings of electronic expansion valve, use of flow modules…)

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