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Sight Glass

Sight Glass

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Types of Sight Glass:

مهره ای و جوشی و سایت گلاس روپیچ توپیچ

Welded Sight Glass is used in full tank units and generally when there is not enough space to reduce the path of the liquid line.

It should be noted that the use of welded components significantly reduces the risk of working in the system.

Note: For welding, coated welding wire must be used because it has a different material from the pipe. During welding, the path must be open to prevent Teflon from melting inside the valve.

The lower the number of nuts and connections, the lower the risk of work.

It is better to install the Sight Glass near the evaporator and after the solenoid valve.

In the case that the condenser does not work well (the condenser fan is broken or the speed is low) it leads to foaming which can be seen with the Sight Glass.

Sight Glass is one of the equipments whose use is very useful in the structure of refrigeration systems. Sightglasses are used to check the inside of the system, clogging of strainers and filters, refrigerant liquid level, fluid movement, color and degree of fluid transparency, as well as moisture in the system. The discoloration of the material in the middle indicates the presence of moisture, which the green color indicates the absence of moisture and the yellow color indicates the presence of moisture. It is also possible to compare the color of the fluid in different parts of the line by using this tool. Moisture penetrates into the system through incomplete vacuum. In healthy and problem-free systems, the refrigerant liquid can be seen as a column of clear liquid without foam. If the refrigerant is foamy and bubbly, it indicates that the system has a problem, and the following can be mentioned among the causes related to this problem:

  • Incomplete refrigerant charging (leakage in the system)
  • causing excessive pressure drop in the filter (filter clogging or any blockage in the system in the liquid path)
  • There is a problem in the condenser (caused by a problem in the fan, a lack of water in the water condenser, failure of the tower pump, a problem in the tower fan, blockage between the fins, etc.)
  • Low subcooling and liquid pressure drop ( caused by Being too long the liquid line, clogging of the dryer filter, small diameter of the liquid line pipe, failure of the solenoid valve, etc.)
  • Heating around the liquid line


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